We specialize in mobile apps.

In simple terms bigger growth and engagement should lead to improved monetisation. With ever-increasing number of apps on offer that stoped being true. Through meticulous analytics we are able to find for you solutions that perform.

Our services

User Experience Consulting

The first step is a study of your user interface and user experience (UI/UX design). It aims to detect anomalies/difficulties in navigation and/or barriers in the app conversion funnel and mobile app growth.
≈ 800€

App Analytics Consulting

We asses mobile app analytics tools to work with and adjust its metrics. As a result, you get more insights into your audience and set KPIs relevant for your business.
≈ 1100€

Mobile App consulting

End-to-end solution to transform your idea into a well-architected app: building unique user journey, creating an app prototype and choosing efficient app monetization model.
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Why us?

Apps are our main business. We didn’t evolve from Marketing Agency.
We offer specific app consulting services, that's what we specialize in.
We have experienced team of people and well-established work relations with other professionals you may need: app product managers, UI/UX designers, growth hackers etc. 
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